Lord   guide me to focus on my mission

Thank you Lord for creating me and placing me in this wonderful world

Thank you for my dear life and that of the community around me

Thank you for your the protection and guidance

Thank you for the resources you have made available to me

Lord I am sorry I have not effectively used the resources for my success

This is contrary to the reason you created me for

Lord you created me to succeed in this world

But Lord I have failed to understand my mission in life hence I have not yet succeed

Lord shower me the wisdom to open my mind

The wisdom to know why I was created

The wisdom to leave this world better than I found

The wisdom to use the   resources   in a most sustainable manner

Lord   I pray for the determination to focus on my mission

As I cannot achieve my mission unless I focus on it

I thank you for your mercy and grace

I thank you for your unconditional love for me

I thank for your tolerance for my unsuccessful character

Lord I pray to pursue my mission in accordance to your plan for me

I pray for your name to be praised and glorified through my actions.

As I rest tonight Lord take full control of my life I pray. Amen