The lord is great and a sure partner for your success


Eternal Father, creator of heaven and earth

Of all living and non living

We are humbled by your mighty power and great beautiful creation ever done



It is you who made the mountains, who made the trees,
who made the river flow to the sea,
and who hung the moon in the starry sky
it is you who sends the rain when the earth is dry
its you who made day and night

You create our paths Lord


It s you who is the sole provider, protector and comforter

In you we find strength, joy and happiness

It is you who gives us unconditional love

Lord we surrender our lives and all our plans into your hand, take full control

We pray lord for your power to shine upon us

Guide us on and walk along with us on our journey of life

We pray that we may be closer to you and be acceptable in your presence


Use us Lord to do your will. Amen