Lord grant your favor to succeed in life

Lord you created me to succeed in life

You have surrounded me with all the resources I require

I am already on journey to my mission of success

Lord I pray that my mission is in accordance with your will

Lord shower me with your favor and grace

To turn my fear into courage

To receive your blessings throughout my journey

For your plan for me to remain a powerful guide

To overcome challenges with positive mindset

To identify opportunities out of the challenges that I face.

To glorify you through my success

Lord I pray for your favor

To walk an extra mile in order to reach where others have not reached

To see light in the darkness

To turn my sorrow and pain into joy

To be a living testimony for purpose of my creation

Lord I want to thank you for walking with me this far.

To thank you for blessing me with wisdom to make right decisions

I declare that with favor and I will succeed in life.

That my challenges will disappear as soon as I invoke your name.

I want to thank for your abundant love for me despite my weakness.

And I will unceasingly glorify your name for your love for me



Take full control of my life as I am going to rest to  night. In your name I pray. Amen