Lord give us the master key for success in 2015

I thank Lord and Master of the Universe

As I enter the New Year I kneel before you to say I am sorry for neglecting you in the previous year

Lord I invite you to be continuously present in my life

Lord I thank you for the New Year

Lord bless my plans for the year

Lord give me the strength and wisdom that I require to overcome the challenges in the new year

Lord help me to know the reasons you created me for

Guide me Lord to know my purpose in life

Lord make the year a catalyst for light, inspiration and love

Lord let the New Year be filled with success, joy, happiness, peace and renewal

Lord I pray for our nation and its leaders,

Lord guide our leaders to be good shepherds

Lord give us peace and prosperity in our nations for the glory of your name.

Bring our divided nations and people together for the glory of your name

Lord open up my mind to see opportunity where there are challenges

Lord strengthen my capacity to succeed in life

Lord create ways for me to overcome challenges which block my success

Grant my heart’s desires for the glory of your name.

Make me a channel through which your blessings flow.

I believe in your mighty power Lord that surpasses all understanding,

Lord shower me with your blessing to cross over to the land of victory

Lord I can see you doing wonders and miracles in my life tonight

Lord I believe under your guidance I will fulfill my mission in life

Guide me Lord as I move along my journey of life,

I surrender my life to you Lord

Lord let this New Year be a year of spiritual growth for me

Let the New Year bring me get closer to you than before. Amen