Lord give  me prosperity and pleasure

Father Almighty heavenly King,

I come in your presence to praise and worship you

I thank you for this beautiful day you have given me

I thank you for the gift of life and for the abundant blessings

Lord you gave me all the resources on earth

Give me the wisdom to use them for your glory

Lord make me a channel through which your blessings flow

Lord guide me on how to share what I have made through the use of  your resources  with others

Let me   use what I have gained for  the benefit of mankind

Bless me and guide me to make right decisions which will enable me to succeed   in life

Lord   light the way  for me so that I can  take the right path

Help me to develop a positive approach to life

I pray that my mind will always remain in positive mode

Lord I pray   for sustainable success during my journey to achieve my mission

As I end the day Lord take full control of my life.

Lord let the rest energize me to continue my journey in a new day.