Lord give me the patience  to walk my journey

Lord thank you for today

Thank you for guiding and protecting me

I woke up today with strength in my body

I looked at my watch which told me I was late

I  even forgot  to praise and glorify  you

I did not listen to your voice telling me to be patient

My plan was to complete my life journey in the shortest time

I took a comfortable road for my journey

A road where everyone was passing

Lord I faced a lot of challenges

I faced frustrations and unnecessary inconvenience

I reached a point where I could proceed

As I was not expected to take that road

Proceeding meant I will never achieve mission

I collapse as I had run out of energy

I cried and I was tormented by the people around me

No one was a friend

I looked up in the sky and I had your voice telling me to be patient

The voice told me to follow your plan from the start

I came to realise how stupid I was to think I could move on my own

Lord I was wrong as I cannot succeed without you

I have realised my plan is not your plan

My road is not your road

My plan and road becomes yours when you bless them

Lord forgive me for my wrong ways

Give me your wisdom to be patient and  listen to your voice

Remind me to seek your guidance in whatever I do

Lord I now know I cannot go far without you

Lord I pray you keep me close to you

As i rest tonight protect me and bless me,

I surrender my life and plans to you.