Lord Doctor of Life

Thank you Lord for my life

Without it I would not be alive

I am who I am because I am alive

I belong to this world because I am alive

I do what I do because I am alive

Without life I am just soil

Lord I thank you for your unconditional love for me

You have kept me alive despite my stubbornness

I have on many times forgotten to say thank you

I have forgotten to praise and glorify you

Lord have mercy on me because I am weak

Lord take me and wash me in your river of mercy

Give me the grace to keep focused on you

I pray that you do not recall me until I complete the  mission you created me for

Lord do not get tired of me but keep knocking on my door

Keep reminding me that I am a visitor in this world

Time is coming when you will recall me for judgement

Lord I pray to be prepared for your judgement

Lord I pray that you guide and protect me until I come to see you face to face