Lord you are in control during  my  severe illness

Almighty Father giver of life, source of health

I come in your presence seeking for your divine intervention in my health situation

Lord I am weak, weary and helpless

I cannot help myself as I used to do before the disease pinned me down.

I have lost hope in myself but waiting for the hour you will call me to yourself.

I cannot contain the pain am going through any more.

I am not able to have the comfortable sleep

I thank for the soft heart of the people you sent to look after me.

They have revived hope in me

They have continuously reminded me that you are in control

Indeed you are in control

Keep me on the right path until I reach you.

Give the strength and determination to withstand the pain

Give me the wisdom to share my lessons with others.

I can see light at the end of the tunnel.

Where the light is there is no pain but celebration for the journey well travelled.

Lord you the great healer keep me company.


I am crying out aloud to you Lord, have mercy upon me and heal me by your power

There is no disease that is beyond your control,

I believe in you alone Lord and your mighty power

Restore my health Lord, so that I can be a living testimony to others.

I believe I am spiritually and physically healed by your mighty power.


I believe challenge of disease has no permanent residence in my life.

But I have to go through it in order to reach the world of success and happiness.

I know you have heard my prayer

As I can feel your presence

Touch me and heal me if it is your will


I will live to glorify your name in the land of the living

I will use the time you have given me to complete   my purpose and mission in life.

Lord thanks for restoring my good health

I will praise and glorify you until I come to my resting place at your timing. Amen