Lord come to my rescue

Almighty heavenly King and wonderful guardian

I am very  weak and weary

Today’s frustrations are too much for me

I have failed to manage my life

The demands on me from everyone is just simply too much and too overwhelming.

My energy is drained and I feel as though I am losing hope

I do not see my life becoming easier unless you intervene in my life.

Lord come into my life and rescue me from this entire burden

Father I need you more than ever, because I am fully worn out

I pray that Lord you will give me the wisdom to overcome my challenges

Guide me Lord to take the right decisions

I can no longer handle everything perfectly as there is no one to help me

Only you alone Lord can save me and I put all my trust in you

Bless me; give me strength, courage, determination and courage to carry on with my mission in life

Walk along with me on my journey of life.

Lord keep me focused on you as I walk towards you.