Lord bless my journey of life

Lord I thank you for my life

I have made my journey of life with many colleagues

Men and women from across the nations

We have walked together to the finishing line

We have together experienced happiness and sadness

Lord I thank you for my life

Lord my journey is becoming lonely

The more I walk the more I become lonely

I cannot find some of my close friends to share both good and bad moments

I cannot find them because you have recalled them

They have completed their journey of life

They did not say bye as they did not know the finishing line

Lord I praise you as you are still in control

It is you alone who knows the beginning and end of life

Lord I pray you remain in control of my life

I pray my life plan should be in line with your plan for me

I pray for wisdom to read the signs of the fast approaching finishing line

I pray to be in a ready state by the time the bell rings

I pray for the bell of happiness for success in the journey

I pray for a happy and positive state when I am completing my race

Lord I pray for you to remain in control’