Lord you are all for me

Thank you Lord for my wake- up call  for today

It rung loud and clear

Thank you for my energy of today

I feel very fresh like a newly harvest rose flower

Thank you Lord for another day

Thank you for your patience of my character

You watched over me without any appreciation from me

You kept my enemies away so that I could sleep

You made the night very calm for me

You allowed my mind to re-energize for the new day

What a wonderful Lord your are!

Your love for me is unconditional

Your have given me a master key to open your door of mercy at any time

Yet Lord I rarely use the key

Lord before you I am unfaithfully servant

Lord I beg for your grace and mercy

I am a servant who wants reward without any work and appreciation

Lord continue to guide  as I am weak

Your concern for me is beyond imagination

Lord I pray to be made humble before you

So that I can say a worthy thank you Lord

I pray my works of today be for your glory.