I look to you o Lord

Lord Almighty heavenly King

I lift up my eyes in your Holy presence Lord

To praise and worship you Lord

Father your worthy of all glory and honour

I thank you Lord for this wonderful day

I thank you for the gift of life, family and friends

Lord I open up my eyes to hear your Holy voice

Speak to me Lord and I will hear

Carry me in your might hands I pray Lord

Protect me from the evil one tonight Lord

Grant me more wisdom and guide me in all my endevours

Walk I long with me on my journey of life

I surrender my body, soul and spirit into your mighty hands Lord

Give me the courage, determination and strength to continue moving forward with my mission in life

Let me look unto you alone, let me not be distracted by anyone I pray.

Bless me as I rest tonight, may I find peace, joy, happiness and love in your loving arms, in your name I pray. Amen