Living your name

At birth each one of us is given by our parents an inspiring  name

It is a name to  identity us in society

It is a name to differentiate us from others

Our name  is the first and  most important earthly asset  we will possess  throughout  our life

It is a name given to us when we are infants  and not understanding what is going on

We  have no inputs to our name

Our names aren’t written on foreheads, neither do they come with an innate fragrance to diffuse anywhere one goes.

You have to take time therefore  to discover the meanings of your names as intended by your parents

It may not be what you think

It is a challenge to  discover the meaning of your  names given due  dilution of culture under the fast challenging  environment.

Names are  nowadays  given without serious thinking about their meaning;

It is  indeed  a challenge to protect and  live your name

Your name should ring a  bell in ears of others when it is mentioned

The way we behave and act  should  portrays  a good reflection of our  name

Remember your name  matters  a lot  in society

Your name will  give honor to your family and society depending the way you behave

Your  name bring  happiness to  the people you interact with

Your   name will be an inspiration to others

May you  uphold your name for your personal benefit and that of society