Light your candle to make the world a better place

Light your candle to help others

To succeed in life you have to take positive action   towards the world of success. Success will not find you in your comfort zone. It will not come to you when you are not working. Success is attracted by people who are looking for it. You have to light your own fire in mind to give you the energy and light to move forward. Success will not come to you, you have to move to where opportunities are. You cannot see the opportunities unless you light your candle to see them.

Sharing knowledge

The world we live in would be better if we all shared our knowledge and wisdom we have with others. There are many people who cannot succeed in life because they are still suffering from the disease of ignorance.  They do not know where right knowledge and opportunities are found. We have to share our knowledge and wisdom in order to light the candles of other people. Some people are holding both the candle and match but they do not how to light the candle. We are better off with neighbours whose candles are lit than those who are walking in the dark. There is nothing good which comes from the darkness devoid of light.


You cannot create heaven for yourself while creating hell for others

You cannot create heaven or happiness for yourself through creating hell for others.   It is not possible to be happy alone when the people around you are all miserable. You have to bring a smile on the faces of many in order to have a smile on your face. You will not become sustainably richer through grabbing other people’s resources.  You will get lighter and attain happiness if you light the candles of people around.


The world is full of resources

Do not get scared of sharing all your knowledge with others fearing that you will run out of knowledge. In fact you will gain more wisdom through sharing what you have with others. You have the capacity to contribute positively towards the effort to overcome the challenges in the world.  You will be happier through sharing than hooding everything you receive. You cannot receive more unless you learn to share part of what you receive. Therefore share your light and happiness with others.


Act and stop complaining

We all tend to complain when we are faced with challenges. We often imagine than our creator has abandoned us. We always forget to count our blessings in life when we are faced with a challenge; we have to positively act in order to overcome the challenge. The challenge will not move an inch even if we complain for a thousand years. We have to take action aimed at overcoming our challenges.  Always light your candle to give you energy and light instead of complaining and cursing.



John Muhaise Bikalemesa

Director: Big Drum Advisory Services Limited