My life is in you Lord

Almighty Holy Father, the giver of life

Creator of heaven and earth, of all that is visible and invisible

I praise you, I worship and adore you Holy name

I thank you for the gift of life

I thank you for allowing me have this wonderful day

Without you Lord in my life I would be as good as useless

For you are a father to the fatherless

You are a great provider and protector

It’s in you alone where I find joy, peace, love and comfort

For you never change Lord, you are always there for me in all life’s challenging circumstances

You are my healer when I am heartbroken and when there is no one to care

You give me strength when I am weak

You raise me up when I fall down

Lord I pray that you guide and move along with me on my journey of life

Guide me eternal Father to fulfill my purpose and mission in life

Make me a channel through which your blessings flow

Use me to do your will, as I rest tonight I surrender my life and all my plans into your hand, Lord take full control I pray. Amen