Our life journey to success is not straight


Our journey of life starts from the day you are born and ends  when  you breathe your last.  You  do not have to worry so much about  the environment under which  you are born as you were not in control. But you are in control if  decide to remain in the mess you born in.   It is important to note that your birth environment  does  not  anyway determine your success in life.  In our journey of life , we all have equal  chances of success irrespective of our birth environment. Therefore how your   journey started on earth  does not matter  at all but  what matters is whether or not your life ends on a success note.

Our life journey is not straight

Our life journey is not straight as life journey looks like a maze. It is has all sorts of challenges and  short lived opportunities. It is our capacity to confront and overcome challenges that  make us succeed in life. The  life journey   is summarized better by Susan Gale in her quote, “Your path in life is not a straight line. It is a series of twists and turns, hills and valleys, both smooth sailing and rough seas. Prepare for the journey and surround yourself with friends who can help you navigate during your weakest hours”.

We begin as amateurs

It is important to note that we all begin our journey as amateurs walking in a world that looks like a maze. The maze represents  the challenges in life.  We all face difficulties  and failures in walking through the maze to our goals in life. When we were starting our journey of life  we faced a lot of challenges.  Thanks to our parents ,  teachers and  the community around that  played a keep role  in equipping us with the necessary skills that made us what we are today. From them , we learnt to listen others  and to  practice what we were told .We learnt to accept our  mistakes and failures as part of our experience in life. We  learnt ways of avoiding or  minimizing our   own mistakes and failures in life  as we moved forward. As we grew up, we learnt to be careful.

No known formula for life journey

I have not come across any  formula or road map to guide one in  a life journey. In life journey  we are all forced  to encounter and overcome  challenges or failures  in order to reach our goals. Through  our mistakes and failures  we learnt ways of  avoiding  or  minimizing   costly mistakes and failures in life.

Light in the tunnel

It is true that the journey of life is not straight but full of challenges that seem impossible to overcome.  There is however light in the tunnel for those that program their mind in  a positive mode.   The positive mindset  enables us to look at challenges and failures in life in a positive way. Remember you cannot achieve your goals in life  unless you positively  take challenges and failures in life as part and parcel of life. You can overcome any challenges if you believe you can.

Not one can walk your journey

If you want to succeed in life you have no option but to personally walk  your  journey  towards your mission when knowing  the journey   is not straight. Other people can only support you  to walk your journey but they cannot walk it for you.


Yes the life journey to success is not straight which in itself  is an inspiration to walk it. You have to program your mind to always confront and overcome challenges. There is no success that comes on silver platter.

Author : John Muhaise Bikalemesa

Director: Big Drum Advisory Services Ltd