Leaders are not born

A leader is a person who organises people from different backgrounds into an effective team to accomplish an organisation goals and objectives. A leader also helps the individual team members in a team to achieve their personal goals and objectives. The mission of a leader therefore is to make both the organisation and staff his or she is responsible for achieve their goals and objectives. A  leader is therefore  able to achieve success for both the organisation and the individual members of the team. The staff will for sure support their leader  to succeed because they know in the process they will also achieve their goals and objectives.

What makes leaders succeed?

Leaders tend to succeed in their mission because they capitalise on their natural talents as leaders,   learn lessons from their own failures and follow the good examples of other effective leaders who have lived before them.  They are prepared to lead the organisation without fear that they will fail as a failure situation creates an incentive for them to succeed through learning lessons from their own mistakes.

Talents of a leader

Leaders are not born but can be made through enhancing their natural leadership talents and also exposing them to other key leadership talents which they lack. The key talents of  leaders are as follows;

  • Positive and open mindset
  • Willingness to help others to succeed in their mission
  • Effective communicators
  • Inspire other people to take action
  • Create conducive environment for others to succeed
  • They have natural authority to be leaders
  • They have the determination to achieve their missions
  • They have the capacity to design an effective plan
  • They are people of integrity
  • They have a lot of confidence in the people they lead
  • They share the values of an organisation.


Leaders are not born but are made through exposing them to the right environment to develop and implement their leadership talents. A leader is therefore prepared to lead both an organisation and staff in the organisation to success through  achievement of goals and objectives.

Author: John Muhaise Bikalemesa

Director: Big Drum Advisory Services Limited