On my knees Master I say thank you

On my knees Master I say thank you

Dear Master of the Universe

Thank you for creating all the resources for my enjoyment

Thank you for making the resources abundant

All this you did without my request

A sign of love you have for me

You created day and night for me

The day for me to walk my journey of life

The night enables me to rest

You have been a friend as you have woken me up since I was born.

Whether I like or not you wake me up

I am grateful for everything

I am up Master of the Universe

Guide me through the day

Hold my hand and let me not go astray

I pray you keep me company till the end of the day

Dear master of the Universe Thank you for everything


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John Muhaise-Bikalemesa (JMB), is the founder of Muhaise.com blog and bigdrumassociates.com company. Learn more about him here and connect with him on his social medias below

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