Keeping a private life

Many of us wish to leave happy and peaceful private lives. Privacy is important in our daily life, in one way or the other there is always something which you keep to yourself.


Living a private life doesn’t require much, it doesn’t mean that you stay alone, you can be with other people but you still maintain your privacy. For example you can share the same computer but you protect your information using secure tools without someone encroaching on it.


Know what to keep as private and what to tell the rest of the public, you don’t have to say everything talk about what you want people to know about you and what you feel should be left to yourself, keep it to yourself.


Social media privacy, be extra careful of what you post on any of your social media, because whatever you post the whole world gets informed. No matter how challenging or hurting the situation may be, please don’t post such on social media, and differentiate between public life and private life. Be proud of yourself, are your problems worth it to be posted on social media, who cares instead you will give people room to know your weakness’ and that is their happiness when you are failing in life and they will not want to associate with you again.



One of the big reasons you want to keep important information to yourself is to avoid the gossip it can spur. Well, don’t play the gossip game either. Spreading rumors or secrets that you’d want kept secret isn’t going to help your career.

Salary information

Money’s a weird topic in our culture. As eager as we are to find out what other people make, we’re not as ready to divulge our earnings. Salary is associated with worth, and when your salary’s known, it invites speculation of whether you’re being over- or undercompensated. Why are you getting paid that much when another person with the same qualification earns much less?



Leave the “private you” at home and only allow the “professional you” to come to work, whenever possible.

Avoid mixing your personal life with work, like family problems, relationship breakups, learn to solve your problems without involving other people. Keep to yourself your own challenges as they will divert other people’s attention. This affects your reputation at work people may be unable to separate your romantic life from your professional one.





Kasemiire Agnes Akiiki