Your Journey to Success is a marathon

Succeeding in life is not a few seconds or minutes affair. Success in life requires a lot of time and effort input. You require more  time in planning including reprogramming of your mindset and mobilisation of resources

Success depends on determination

Success in life does not depend on speed but on your determination to move on despite the challenges on the way.  You cannot sprint to your world of success as doing so could be suicidal.  It is only those with the determination to win the individual races in life that will be successful in life.


You have the capacity to win

God created you with the capacity to succeed in life on condition you make up your mind to succeed in life.  The type of life you want to live is what you put in your mind. It is up to you to decide whether you want to win or fail in life.  I guess you have no choice except to succeed in life.


It is possible to make adjustments to your mission

Once you start on your journey to your world of success, it is possible to make some adjustments to your mission in light of the lessons you have learnt on the way. This privilege is only available to those who are on their journey. A journey not yet start is still at dream level and you cannot change your dream, can you? Do not fear to start as you have the liberty to adjust your plan as you move along because of the changed circumstances.


You are running your own race

Remember you have designed your own world of success and the road to take you there. You are not competing with any one in your race. You should therefore not be bothered with what other people are saying or doing as they   do not understand your mission and design


The road to success is jam free

You do not expect to  come across a jam of vehilces  or people on your  road  leading to your world of success. You are expected to be the only traveller on your road as the mission  you are to achieve is specific to you.  Whenever you meet a jam , you have to rethink your mission. This happens when you use cut and paste approach to your mission developmment and implementation.



John Muhaise Bikalemesa

Director: Big Drum Advisory Services Limited