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John Muhaise Bikalemesa
John Muhaise Bikalemesa

John Muhaise-Bikalemesa  (JMB), a Certified Public Accountant ,  with  over 35 years’ experience in various  areas  including  business strategy, capacity building, business risk management , diagnostic studies,  tax advisory, project management, due diligence and feasibility studies, business plan development, capital raising, business and share valuations, business development, assurance services , institutional development and diagnostic studies across various sectors. JMB has traveled widely across Africa and provided strategic and thought leadership direction to various organisations in Africa and beyond.

John has developed the Millionaires Highway Program with over 20 modules all aimed at  inspiring people to succeed in life through guiding them to program or reprogram their  mind to a positive mode. John emphasizes   having a positive mind-set is a pre-condition for one to succeed in life.

JMB overtime has developed a Millionaires’ Highway Code (The Success Formula) which he has shared with various organisations and recommends it to all people and organisation aspiring to succeed in life and business.  John’s success formula is as follows;

John has overtime come to realise that Africa has the least visibility in   the world because of limited balanced information about Africa.  Many potential investors and visitors do not consider Africa as a destination because of lack of adequate balanced information. With a talented team of young IT professional John has developed  a multisite website providing information on each country of Africa. John’s aim is to illuminate Africa to the rest of the world with the objective of attracting investments, donor support and visitors to Africa.

Sharing of experience

John has also widely shared his wide experience with other people and organisations with the aim of inspiring them to succeed in life. He has written many inspiring articles on various topics which you can access on his website

John and his team have the capacity  to offer capacity building and advisory services to a wide range of clients across sectors and geographies.  For more details about the service offering please visit:

JMB’s Hobbies  

John spends his free time on his farm attending to his trees, bananas, bees and other various activities. He also enjoys a game of golf and a bit of adventure travelling.

For more details about John and his team and what they are doing please contact him through the following email;


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