Is it possible to recover from a failure?  (Part 2)

Is it possible to recover from a failure?

You should never accept failure in life as it only exists in your mind.  What you call failure is not failure and it does not amount to the end of the journey. Failure is just a temporary obstacle which tells you of the approaches which do not work because of lack of certain information at the time. Once you find ways which work the obstacle just vanishes. Failure always invites you to correct yourself through finding ways which work.  Failure therefore provides us with powerful life lessons. For sure an event which inspires you to look for other available options cannot be categorized as failures in life.


 Do not seek for approval

I have come to learn people find it extremely difficult to approve or okay or endorse an idea or request from someone else for a number of reasons. The approver may either lack adequate knowledge on the subject matter or may not want you to proceed with the idea. In the extreme case the approver may not want you to succeed in life. The safe way for some approvers is not to approve the request through giving diversionary advice. I know a number people have abandoned their mission because of receiving advises from other people like first work and venture into business after gaining experience. My personal advice to people is to stop seeking approval from others but to go ahead with the implementation of your ideas. For courtesy just inform those who need to know   for only information purposes. Success in life 100% depends on you and not on others. Others may either support or distract you but the choice to continue with your journey is yours.


Opportunities and challenges are the two sides of the same coin

You should always remember that you will face challenges during the process of pursuing opportunities and also every challenge you face creates opportunities for you. Therefore focus on opportunities resulting from the challenges you are facing. I have come to learn many opportunities come disguised as challenges. Many potential clients communicate opportunities through complaining about the challenges they are facing.   I have got used as a business consultant to listening to people complaining about their challenges. I later follow up my potential clients with proposals for partnership with them aimed at finding solutions to the challenges.

Focus on finding solution

You can only find solutions to the challenges if your mind is focused on finding solutions. You need an open mind coupled with determination in order to find solutions to challenges. The challenges become impossible to solve if we believe in our mind that they are impossible. Do not expect to get a solution on silver plate but through hard work.


 Seek support

Do not keep challenges to yourself as they can make you run mad. Try as much as possible to seek support from other people if you can. Help from other people may enhance your capacity in rising up again. You need an independent person to have a look at the situation in order to find working solutions.

In conclusion you can always overcome your failure if you focus your mind on finding a solution to your failure.


John Muhaise Bikalemesa

Director: Big Drum Advisory Services Limited