Is it possible to recover from a failure? (Part 1)

Is it possible to recover from a failure?

Yes it is very much possible for you to recover from failure provided your mind is in a positive mode. As you already know the road to the world of success is not a smooth and straight one. It   has all sorts of obstacles and challenges.  In life there are some challenges to which you will not have an immediate solution and therefore you will be in a failure situation. I am sure very few people will celebrate because they are in a failure situation. But it is important to appreciate that failure is part and parcel of life and without it we will not be as successful as we are. We are wise and successful because of life lessons we have received through failure. Through failure, we come to learn what approaches work and which ones do not work in a given situation.  You cannot avoid failure if you want to succeed. You should however never  lose focus of your destination even though you happen to be in a failure situation. You should keep going and going until you reach your destination.  As you push to your destination, you have to keep in mind that failure is temporary and will come to pass.


Are you pursuing your mission?

You cannot succeed in life unless you have a mission to accomplish. Have ever bothered to know why you are born? I am sure you are different from other creations like animals and insects. All living and none living things are at your disposal to responsibly use for your success. All the resources to achieve your mission are available as we live in the world of abundance. You should never forget that you are created with a purpose of living this world a better place than you found.


Stay positive

You can always  recover from  failure if  you have a positive approach to various life situations. In life you have to demonstrate right temperament, talent and tactics when you are faced with various life situations. This state of mind will enable you to approach any challenge with an open mind without any preconceived ideas. You have to be convinced in your mind that the  challenge you are facing has a solution in order to find a right solution. Having   no solution should never be an option in your mind.


Review your plan

You can only succeed in life if you have a mission and a plan to take you to your mission. As you walk your journey of life you will come face to face with failure. Some of the failures will knock you down flat on your back. You have  to find ways of standing up again with the aim of continuing your journey. Whenever you are faced with failure you have to keep in mind your mission and the plan to implement it. Failure is often as a result of lack of an effective plan to implement your mission.  Review your plan if it exists with the aim of finding out what went wrong. You may have either deviated from your plan or   your plan itself may be faulty.  The faulty plan has to be corrected to be in line with the mission. You have therefore to devise the shortest way you can use to resume your journey. It is also important to note that a number of people fail because they do have an effective plan to execute their mission.



John Muhaise Bikalemesa

Director: Big Drum Advisory Services Limited