Irritating habits by staff at work

Before you read this article, think about how you behave at work. Are you that person whom people are happy to see when you reach office, or you are that person whom people start cursing inside by your presence? The work place can become a frustrating place by irritating habits of employees, yet one is supposed to work in a condusive environment that enhances performance to achieve the organizations goals and mission.

The following are some of the irritating habits practiced by employees at work places

  • Keeping quite when others are giving suggestions to solutions and when things fail to work out they laugh.
  • Being resistant to change which is for the good of all
  • Persistent lateness (coming to office late everyday and for meetings)
  • Persistent laziness
  • Gossiping and rumour mongering
  • Indecent dressing
  • poor personal hygiene
  • Reading newspapers and over chatting on social media during working time
  • Smoking
  • Making long unnecessary personal calls
  • Playing loud music that is not In everyone’s interest
  • Bad and loud phone ringing tone
  • Theft some people still office utensils, food and beverages from the fridge and other office assets.
  • Living on the mentality of 8-5 pm approach even when you have a deadline
  • Failing to think outside the box
  • Refusing to be corrected when you are in a mess or when your work is substandard
  • Treating your office like a food court
  • Taking too many sick days
  • Drunkenness and coming to the office smelling alcohol all day
  • Slow work delivery when there is urgent need


Develop a positive approach in all situations as we spend most of our time at the work place, let us make it a good place to stay in by avoiding most of the above mentioned habits.



Kasemiire Agnes