With information technology we refer to the development, installation and implementation of computer based systems in organisations to facilitate faster processing and access of information for decision making. Without IT, it would be difficult to process and store the high volumes of data that is generated on daily basis by organisation. IT has enabledthe integration of technology in business in order to meet multiple user needs


Internet and email services has greatly reduced the costs of communication. It is possible to send an email and an SMS to a number of people without incurring so much costs. The impact of internet and email on organisations is so much to the extent most organisations cannot operate without the email and the internet services


Planning for IT application

The costs of implementing IT systems are on the rise and most IT projects are not successfully implemented. This mainly due to lack of planning for implementation of IT based systems. You cannot achieve much with IT based systems unless you are prepared to have them. IT based system are installed with a purpose of meeting user requirements.


Success of your business

The success of an organisation very much depends on how well the knowledge and data available to it is managed for decision making. When you properly apply the avail knowledge in your organisation, for sure it will give you the competitive advantage,


IT is an investment

IT as an investment decision given that the cost of acquiring and implementing IT is quite high. This means the investment must give an acceptable return on the investment for it to be allocated a share of the scarce resources.




John Muhaise Bikalemesa

Director: Big Drum Advisory Services



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