How to improve your creativity

Creativity keeps life exciting and growing in positive direction. It is not inborn, learnt or bought. You create it yourself. If man was not creative, we would still be wearing leaves, eating raw food and without houses.

Why you need to be creative?

  • Gain competitive advantage
  • To win or make money
  • To reprogram people’s mindset
  • To leave this world better than you found it
  • To improve the lives of others
  • To inspires others to succeed in life

To improve your creativity is to move your life to another level. Here is how to do so;

Become an expert


Becoming an expert in your field gives you a wide range of information. This information is necessary in being innovative and creative. An informed person always looks at things in many different angles.

Creative environment


The company you keep and the places you go to all have an impact on your creativity. Keep company with creative people. Also make it a habit to go to great nature sights and places with brilliant architecture.

Be a reader


“A reader sees many things, learns many things and goes to many places through reading.” –Julia Kushemererwa. Reading opens your mind to various possibilities thereby enhancing your creativity.

Be confident



Confident people are more likely to come up with great creative ideas than less confident people. Build your confidence and make your creativity unstoppable.

Keep a creativity journal


Throughout your day, you often receive new ideas. These ideas when not recorded are easily forgotten. This does not encourage your brain to generate more ideas since you do not take it seriously anyway.

Quotes from creative minds





 In conclusion always share your creativity with the next person. Only then can it grow.


Author; Julia Kushemererwa