Many of us know the day, month and year we were born. We even follow our stars on the daily basis.  Some of us seriously follow what our stars tell us and we behave accordingly. But on serious note few of us ever bother to find out why the Master of Universe created us and put us on earth.  The day you find out the reason you were created will mark a turning point in your life and should be observed as the second most important day.  Each one of us has a unique reason for being created and some of the reasons include the following;

In order to leave a better world

Man is improving the living conditions in the world on a daily basis. New discoveries of medicines, technologies and processes are being made every day aimed at improving the living environment of people. I am sure you want to be part of team working to leave this world better than they found it.


You cannot succeed in life by being average

You were created by the Master o the Universe to succeed in life.  You have to work very hard day and night to achieve the success you want. You have to think differently from the rest and   in the process you have to walk an extra mile to achieve a competitive advantage from the average person. Success is a reward for winners and not the average performers.


You can make the world

You can make the world you live in heaven or hell depending what you have in your mind. A positive minded person will have a positive approach to various life situations while a negative minded person will approach life in a negative way.   As you already know a negative minded person can never produce positive results.    You were all created to make use of the resources on earth in order to effect the changes you want in leaving this world better than you found.


You are created to be a winner

You are running your own race to your world of success at your own speed. Remember you are also responsible for determining your own success at your own terms. It is you who clearly knows the mission you want to achieve. There is no way therefore you can fail to be victorious. After the Master of Universe has made it clear in the holy books that he created you  to succeed in life.



John Muhaise Bikalemesa

Director: Big Drum Advisory Services Limited

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