The Importance of Packaging

Packaging refers to processes and materials used to contain, handle, protect, and/or transport an item. It should add value to the product and give the right impact to your customers. Packaging influences sales to a great deal. Getting it right is important.

The uses of packaging


Packaging should protect the item from contamination or damage.



Your product should be visible from a distance and it should never be mistaken for another.



By packing your item, it should become easier or more convenient to transport for the consumer. Customers prefer making purchases of products that are easy to transport.



Packaging should make an item easier to stock up whether at home or in the wholesale or retail store. It should be safe enough to hold the item while still making it easy to identify for purchase, use and reuse.



Information including ingredients, price, expiry dates, manufacture dates, contact information, product name and barcode should be on the packaging. This information is useful for the customer to decide on whether the product will be useful to them or not.


Packaging is therefore a vital component of any product and it deserves due attention. By including all the aspects shared above, you can make an appealing package for your products.



Kushemererwa Julia