I have life because I put my trust in the true living God

Lord fountain of life

Source of satisfaction to man’s needs

Lord I am heavy loaded and I call upon you for help

I come in your presence today seeking for your divine intervention in my life

Come to my rescue Lord

I feel I am weak and weary

I deserve joy and happiness Lord

Life challenges have grabbed away all my joy and happiness

I am longer satisfied with my existence on earth

I have given up on my mission and purpose in life

I feel I am useless and don’t deserve to be living

Lord I pray for you love and comfort in my trying moments

Lord show me the right path

Guide me in fulfilling my purpose and mission on earth

Lord guide me to use the resources wisely

Let me not be greedy, whatever I do let it be for the benefit of all mankind

Use me to do your will Lord,

Satisfy all my needs according to your plan for me

Lord bless me as I prepare to rest

Make me a channel through which your blessings flow

Make me a blessing to others.

In your holy name I pray. Amen