How to overcome pressure of work

How to overcome pressure of work

In life you end up being promoted to a new position with enhanced responsibilities. The new responsibilities may or may not be familiar to you. Remember  you could be the only new  staff in the section or department and existing  are waiting to see your style of management. Many will adopt the wait and see approach as they are not so sure of  your  expectations out of the team. There are also internal and external meetings to attend. Your in-tray is full with pending  issues which you have to attend to.

Determine the responsibilities of the position

It is advisable to hold a meeting with the person you are reporting to before you do anything to discuss the  responsibilities of the position including the handover report. The discussion  should  include the resources  available to you in the department  and the challenges of the department. You may   wish to confirm the  support including training  which   will  be available to you during the probation  period when you are still adjusting to the new position. Confirm whether the former head will be available for the support in case the former head is  still in the organisation

Positive mindset

You need an open mind to your new responsibilities . Do not have a fixed mind on anything. In life the words no or impossible only exists in the minds of people. You have to listen to what the existing staff are telling you as they explain how they have been conducting the work. Do not  criticize them at this material time as you have not  been brought in as an investigator but to deliver service to the customers  with existing team. Also confirm the challenges which the team has been facing and how in their view the challenges can be overcome in order  to move forward.

Plan the execution of work

You have to plan your work  with your team so that every team member is aware  when each deliverable will be required. The plan will also enable  the team to identify the challenges  early enough  for action to be taken to enable work to be delivered  in accordance with the plan. Your plan has to be made part and parcel of the master plan of an organisation.


Seek support and guidance

Where you are not so sure of what to do seek support and guidance from those who can give it. Talk to your head of department, the Chief Executive Officer  and other persons that  you can trust can give support. Be careful of organisation’s  sensitive information if you are seeking advice from some one outside the organisation.

Delegate to your team

Do not imagine you can do everything by yourself.  You have to delegate to other people within your department. You will be  preparing for failure if you do delegate all the work.You have to offer support so that you can realise the fruits of   team spirit.

Engage the  client

You may be having so many deadlines to handle but time is not available . It is better to engage the client  to  discuss possible adjustment on the timing of delivery.  Sometimes clients will create  pressure for your  team  through having  strict delivery plan without a reason. The client may not  have strict reporting time but  yet puts pressure on the audit to deliver the audit reports.  By talking to the client you are able to negoatiate changes in the delivery time table.


John Muhaise Bikalemesa

Director: Big Drum Advisory Services Limited