How do you  improve the image of your organisation.

How do you improve the image of your organisation.

You  can proactively  improve your image in the mind of the public through  designing and implementing an image improvement plan. The plan is aimed at achieving certain objectives through taking  deliberate actions. For better results , you must obtain the buy-in of the staff   who are expected to implement the image improvement plan. The purpose of the plan , its implementation and monitoring  must be clear to staff and management before commencing actual implementation. The actions one can  take may  include the following among others;

Committing to offer quality products and services

Quality plays a key role in the success of an organisations as customers always want to associate themselves with organisations who offer quality products and services. Offering quality goods and services  very much enhances the image of an organisation.


Positioning   yourself

The way your organisation is positioned  matters  a lot during the process of  implementing  the organisation’s strategy.  This refers to the position your organisation has decided to  differentiate its products and services from the competition. Your organisation can differentiate itself in terms of  the market it wants to play in and type and quality of products it is proposing to offer among others.


Add value to the customer

Customers are always looking  for  opprtunities which gives them better value for money spent. For example customers  want to spend  1 US$  to obtain  a value which more than 1 US$. The customers will therefore  be attracted to your organisation if they expect value addition.



Your organisation has to produce unique goods and services which give it a competitive edge over the competition.  Your organisation has to be continuosly implementing innovative programs  to enhance its capacity to produce unique goods and services.

Value driven

Your organization’s   core values must be in line with the expectations of the customers. It is expected that everything the organization does must be in line with its value. The staff and management are also expected to live the values of the organization. A value driven organization has a better image in the mind of the public.

Community involvement

Your organisation as a good global citizen must portray an image of  responsible citizen with a goal  of enhancing  the quality of life of  the communities around it. This is normally done through the organisation’s corporate social responsibility program.


John Muhaise Bikalemesa

Director: Big Drum Advisory services Limited