You have to be honest to succeed in life


You have to be honest or trustworthy in life in order for you to be trusted by those who want to associate with you for business and other purposes. Telling lies hurts liars as they have to keep a record of the lies they have told in order to be consistent in the pattern of lies.

The truth may hurt someone

Quite often the truth may hurt some people as they do not want the truth to be known.  It is better to hurt someone as opposed to telling lies which will hurt you instead.


Business transactions

You are safer in any business transaction to be honest so that the silent issues are included in the contract or agreement. You cannot be taken to court for being honest from the outset but you can be dragged to court for telling lies or for withholding vital information. Honesty should therefore be your guiding policy.


Gift of honesty

The gift of honest is very expensive and it is bestowed by nature on expensive and wise people. Do not expect to find honesty everywhere as it is not a common commodity.


Indicator of Progress

Honesty brings about progress and success in life. People are different and we come from different backgrounds, we therefore end up with honest differences between people


Honesty person can either be your friend or your enemy

The same degree of honesty applies both to your friends and enemies. You do not have to tell lies because someone you are talking to is your enemy. All people expect honest information from us.




John Muhaise Bikalemesa

Director Big Drum Advisory Services,