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Healthy living enhances your chances for success

Healthy living is when you make deliberate choices that result in enhancing the well-being of your body and mind.  This is when you adopt a healthy approach to the way you live.

In your healthy living approach, you create the opportunity to live healthily, develop your capability to do it, and have the motivation to achieve it. You have to commit to healthy living to achieve the desired results.

An approach to healthy living will involve the following among others;

  1. Mindset reprogramming;
  2. Eating a healthy diet;
  3. Understanding your body situation to help you develop your personalized diet and exercises;
  4. Regular physical exercises;
  5. Taking a keen interest in understanding the food you eat;
  6. Living in a healthy environment and
  7. Developing your healthy living formula.

Mindset reprogramming

To achieve the well-being of both your body and mind, you must first work on your mindset to be in a positive attitude mode toward healthy living. Without a positive mindset, all your attempts to implement your healthy living formula will be in vain.

Healthy Diet

This is a diet that improves your overall health status. It provides the body with essential food nutrients. A healthy diet must a least contain the following essential food nutrients;

  1. Body fluids for example water and blood;
  2. Proteins;
  3. Carbohydrates;
  4. Vitamins;
  5. Minerals and
  6. Fat

It is important to develop your healthy diet in consultation with your doctor who knows better the health status of your body.

Understanding your body

It is important that you understand the unique situation of your body to make healthful choices of foods to eat and physical exercises to enjoy.  Understanding your body will also help you quickly take prompt action for medical care if illness warning signs appear on your body.

In understanding your body, you may need to consult your doctor to carry out a health check on you to establish your health status. The process of understanding your body will help you develop a strong mind-body connection.

Physical exercises

The exercises are intended to promote your physical fitness and overall health. To achieve the desired, you have to select exercises that you can regularly do without hurting yourself.

It is advisable to consult your doctor on the type of exercise that is suitable for you.

Examples of physical exercises to select from include the following among others;

  1. Walking;
  2. Jogging;
  3. Swimming;
  4. Dancing;
  5. Playing physical games;
  6. Biking and
  7. Climbing steps or hills.

Understanding food

To design your diet plan you must have the capacity to understand the different types of foods both processed and unprocessed, organic and non-organic, and their nutritional value. You should avoid using processed foods and fresh foods that are not organically produced in your diet plan.

Your diet plan helps you plan the right quantities of different types of foods to consume to avoid either taking in excess or inadequate nutrient intake.  If you have space around your home, it is advisable to grow your organic foods.

Alternatively, you should establish suppliers of organic foods that you can get your fresh food supplies from.

Living in a healthy environment

You cannot achieve healthy living unless you also ensure that the environment around you is clean and free from contamination.  I have found a clean environment to be the one that is beaming with nature.  You therefore have to create a natural environment around where you live to reap its benefits.

Developing your healthy living plan

A healthy living plan is a guide that will help you achieve your healthy living goals. My healthy living plan includes the following;

  1. Maintaining a positive mindset towards a healthy lifestyle;
  2. Understanding my body so that I can make a healthful choice of food to eat and exercise to enjoy;
  3. Adhering to a healthy diet that is tailor-made to my body;
  4. Taking daily walks including climbing hills;
  5. Living in a tailor-made healthy environment at Katubwe Village farm;
  6. Avoiding alcohol drinking, smoking, skipping meals, and not sleeping enough;
  7. Regular health check-ups to detect any warning signs of sickness.

 Additional positive healthy living habits

These are habits that I adhere to that have proved to be beneficial to my physical and mental health. Examples of positive health habits that I have adopted include the following;

  1. Taking meals on time;
  2. Adequate sleeping;
  3. Drinking plenty of warm herbal-infused water;
  4. Taking a short walk after my dinner;
  5. Spending time enjoying nature;
  6. Promoting healthy living in the community;
  7. Learn new things to keep the mind alert;
  8. Solve any issues that are likely to give you stress;
  9. Engaging in community activities

What can wrong with your healthy living plan?                                                                                                                

The journey of healthy living is not straight as it has its challenges that one must be prepared to overcome. The challenges must be identified early enough for the development of a relevant and responsive mitigation strategy. The common challenges include the following among others;

  1. Eating food at night immediately before going to bed is not recommended as the metabolic rate slows down when you are sleeping;
  2. Not setting aside adequate time for the exercises;
  3. Lack of ability to manage stress;
  4. Lack of family support;
  5. Not keeping track of your food intake and progress;
  6. Lack of funds to buy healthy foodstuffs and to provide facilities for exercise;


I conclude by associating myself with the words from the Yajur Veda that state a healthy body and sound mind are necessary to achieve success in life.