Dear Lord my today’s journey of life is about to end after a hard days work. During my journey through the highway to success I did not encounter any traffic jam as very few people were on it.  I have however experienced a lot of challenges including, lack of commitment and discouragement from people, lack of energy to work hard, absence of thinking outside the box, and a lot of disruption from the environment since morning. Lord I am happy I was able to overcome the challenges because of the gift of positive approach to handling the above situations. I have concluded that I cannot succeed unless I work very hard to deliver on my mission. Tonny Hifiger summarises it very well in the quote below;


Lord, I pray for wisdom to make right decisions which will keep me always walking on the highway to success.

Lord I pray to have a good night full of powerful dreams which will provide solutions for issues not yet resolved in my mind. And take over full control of my life.

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