Going Extra mile

Going Extra mile

 Life is a journey

I used to think I need only one step in life to succeed

But I have to continue moving an extra mile

I will keep going

Life seems to be sweeter

With an extra mile

With Positive actions,

Positive attitudes

I will keep going

When emotion’s tears

Spill faster than my thoughts

The other half of me hurries to heal

I will keep going


That other side of me!

Is Persistence

Going the extra mile,

Like the fuel in a car

I will keep going


Success does not come by accident

It comes from consistent

And that I have heard many say

There are no traffic jams along the extra mile.


I want success, I will reach there!

It’s not about talent

You can start right where you stand

Give the world the best that you have

The Best will come back to you.

And for that I will keep going!



Deborah Atwijukire



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