God has a plan for me


Almighty heavenly King, Master of the Universe

The overall  mighty power on everything living and non living

I adore you lord and praise your name

I thank you for today

I thank you for the gift of life, family and friends and the people I have encountered in life

I thank you for all my achievements

For I know and believe you are the one in charge of all my plans

For you guide me on the decisions to take for my success

You are my planner

You are my coach

You are my healer

You are my comforter

You are my best friend

You are my leader and I am the follower

You are my sole provider

You are my strength when I am weaker

You are my protector, nothing can shake me Lord

All my hope is in you

I surrender my life into your hand

Walk besides me and give me more strength and wisdom to continue with my mission in life of making the world a better place than I found it.

For the praise and glory of your name.   Amen