God is my guide

Almighty God I come in your presence to day to thank you for being my guide

You have travelled with me wherever I have gone.

You have shown how to overcome challenges

Father I thank you for your continued intervention in my life

For there is nothing above your mighty power

My God I thank you for the many successes and challenges

I thank you for always being with me

I thank you for protecting me when challenges expose me to danger

The fact that you are with me I shall not be afraid of moving forward


I will move forward to victory

I will always praise and glorify your holy name

Lord may I know you more and more

May I come closer to you than ever before

May you continue to manifest yourself in my life

May you continue to do wonders and miracles

I bless your name Lord and adore you

Above all I love you Lord

I surrender my life into your hand

Lord take full control I pray. Amen