Glory be to you Lord


What a wonderful night I have hard!

Deep in sleep without knowing what is happening

You were fully in control over my life

With power to call me to yourself or to awake me in this world

Lord I thank you for awaking me in this world

It is a beautiful world beaming with life

With birds singing to welcome it

With animals starting to look for food

With birds and animals of the night taking cover to rest

With the sun beautiful rising from the East

With clouds floating in the sky

With signs of rain in the horizon

O  Lord what a wonderful day for me to enjoy

You have given me another chance despite my wrong ways

I have not lived in accordance with your plan

I pray Lord for your blessings   for me to come closer to you today

To continuously praise and glorify you

Lord help me to make my mission on earth very clear

To have a clear picture in my mind

To work hard to achieve sustainable success both  spiritually and materially

To be positive in every situation I may find myself in

To learn from my own mistakes in order to do better

Lord give me the wisdom to do what is right

The wisdom to show a good example to others

The wisdom to work hard in order to leave this world a better place than I found it.

Lord walk with throughout the day

guide and keep me on the right path.