Giving is better than receiving

Through our cultures we are all encouraged to welcome neighbours, friends and visitors and share with them the much we have.   We are also encouraged to extend a helping hand to those who are in need. The holy books state clearly through giving we are obeying God’s commandment of loving our neighbours.   Therefore true love to community around us is not complete without the act of giving without expecting any return.

Life is boomerang

When we give others we open our door to receive from others.  A gift to someone attracts a gift or gifts from that person. You even start receiving gifts from those who have just heard about your generosity. You may end up receiving more that what you have given away. The gifts you receive may not be very expensive but they have a lot of value in terms of person satisfaction.


More happier through giving

You always find yourself happier when you give something to someone than when you receive.  You always see a big a smile on the face of a person receiving from you.  Quite often you have made a day for that person. The smile on someone’s face is what brings about the feeling of satisfaction because of the good act done.   You can for sure look around to see the many unhappy faces which need a smile.  Do not forget you can just giving a greeting in case you do not have something to offer.


You get a bit embarrassed through receiving

I always   get a bit embarrassed when I am receiving something from anyone because I always think the person who is giving me has given all what he or she has. This becomes apparent if the person giving me has fewer resources than I have.  This has taught me a life lesson which has made me to appreciate that someone does not have to be rich or to have plenty of resources in order to give some of it to someone else. You just share the much you have with others.  One day when I was driving to my farm when a neighbour with a small garden of maize near my farm stopped me and gave five cobs of fresh maize. The neighbour knew very well I had plenty of fresh maize. I was quite touched with sincerity of my neighbour when he gave me what he had knowing very well I had plenty of maize. Give what you have without taking account what the recipient has.




John Muhaise Bikalemesa

Director: Big Drum Advisory Services Limited