How the gift of wisdom from God can make a difference in your life journey


Lord I thank you for my life and protection during the week. You have not left alone at any moment despite my lack of commitment to you. Your company, Lord, has enabled me to handle various challenging life situations.  It is your will Lord that has enabled me to complete this week. Lord I am grateful for your continuous mercy on me.

Lord as I end this week, I pray that you send me your gift of wisdom to permanently settle in my mind. The wisdom will enable me to clear   the state of confusion out my mind. Lord, with the confusion in my mind I have failed to follow your plan for my creation.  Lord   I have searched for the purpose or plan of my creation but in vain.  I am unable to understand and appreciate why you created me and placed me on this earth. Lord, without a clear purpose in mind my effort towards your plan for me is in vain.

Lord, on my own I find it extremely difficult to comprehend your plan for my creation.  Lord, let your gift of wisdom make me understand your plan for my creation. Let your gift of wisdom guide me in developing and applying my life plan. Let your gift of wisdom guide me in handling various life situations.  Let your gift of wisdom help me in fighting the daily fears of success and failure in life. Lord, let your gift of wisdom make me hear and apply your message that you created me to succeed in life.  Let your gift of wisdom   be always with me during my journey on earth so that I can be guided to do everything for the glory of your holy name.

Lord, grant me the gift of gratitude to enable me appreciate your continuous support to me. Lord I pray for your gifts of wisdom and gratitude   to remain with me until I fulfil the plan for my creation.


By  Agnes Kasemiire