Be a Follower

The title of this post may not be very motivational. That’s why you are about to stop reading.
But, anyone who aspires to lead must know that you have to be a great follower to be a good leader.

Everyday we are in position to follow instruction whether while queuing in the bank, at the work place, in the community, at home or at events. It is very tempting to want to skip the line in the bank or even to insist on sitting at the back at an event when you are being urged to sit in front by the MC. Practice being a good follower by being committed to your leader, accepting that not all your opinions on discussions are right, respecting the leader and doing what you assigned to do or what you promise to do.

Every leader needs followers. Without followers, there is no leader but an individual. By being a follower, you are able to understand what instructions are best welcomed, what example followers would like to see from their leader and how to be the best leader.

Happy leading!!

Author : Kushemererwa Julia
Kushemererwa Julia (