I am focused on my journey to the world of success

I often meet people who have long given up on their journey to the world of success but posing to be success advisors. How can someone who cannot swim advise someone how to successful swim assuming that person has develop fears of water. He cannot step in the waters of a simple stream.  Wisdom is gained over time by people who have experienced successes and failures on the journey to the world of success. They have gained experience through accomplishing their task. They can tell you the successes they achieved and the challenges they overcame in their journey.  As you focus on your journey do not overlook the following challenges:

Lack of capital

Most people who have pursued their mission put  lack of capital as number one challenges in starting the journey to the world of success. They prefer to accumulate capital before they start their journey.  In life challenges are solved step by step in a systematic manner. Capital comes last when you are implementing your plan. Capital comes in different forms and not necessarily in cash.  For example the knowledge you have is capital.


Lack of competent human resources

To succeed in life you have to mould a team to help you throughout your journey to the world of success. You have to help your team to gain competence through acquisition of   relevant skills and knowledge in addition to the modelling of their attitude.


Quality challenges

Focusing on quality can make a difference in your journey to success. Quality attracts resources including potential customers. It makes you walk an extra mile to give you a competent advantage.


Lack of market

It is important to have a mission which is viable and bankable in order to get support from others.  You have to continually review your mission to ensure no fundamental changes have taken place.



Focusing on success does not mean you do not fail in life.  Failing in life is part of success as you cannot succeed until you have learnt your lessons.




John Muhaise Bikalemesa

Director: Big Drum Advisory Services Limited