Focus on your journey in order to succeed in life

Focus on your journey in order to succeed in life

 In life you dream about so many ideas and until you focus on one or two which you call your mission or your purpose for living.  This is following with designing and implementing a plan to execute your mission.  You cannot achieve your mission without a plan. A plan will guide you in the process of implementing your mission.


Determination to complete the journey

During the journey to success you will meet so many challenges which you must be  determined to overcome. The challenges will include discouragement from other people,  lack of compete staff, lack of working capital  and lack of effective plan among others. With your personal determination you will find a way to succeed in life.


Do not carry forward the load of today

Your days of staying on earth are known by your creator and  adequate  work to do on daily basis is lined upon. Therefore do not carry forward today’s work to tomorrow as tomorrow has its own work load. Each day you will live it once in your life. There is no way you can stop your life clock  in order to complete your daily tasks. Remember , if you do not complete your daily tasks know that your priorities are not right.


Learn from your life lessons

As you travel in your journey you will achieve so many successes and also suffer so many failures. Remember the most important from your successes and failures are the lessons they teach you so that you can do better in future.


Enjoy your journey after all you will spend your whole life travelling.

You will spend all your time walking towards your mission. You should therefore enjoy every step you take towards success.  You must always  remember to celebrate every achievement as you confidently walk forward.




Atwijukire Deborah