Fear is the main cause of most failures  our  lives

Fear is an emotion induced by an imagined threat or danger which does not exist in real life. For example you may entertain a fear that you will be grabbed by the evil spirits if you walk alone in the dark at night. The threat or danger feels real in your mind if you entertain it. The imagined threat will engulf you whenever you are alone in the dark. The sound of wind, the singing of night birds and sounds of insects are all interpreted by you as evil spirit coming to grab you. The fear is real to the victim but based on imaginations.

You cannot think positively when engulfed with fear

The fear causes panic and uncertainty in your t mind.  With fear in your mind, you cannot think rationally as fear takes control of your mind. Fear makes you have a negative attitude towards life.  Fear blocks your mind from appreciating that you are a master of your destiny with capacity to succeed in life. With fear your life becomes a nightmare as it is full of unsurmountable challenges.  Fear is a breeding  ground for negativity about success in life.  You cannot therefore have a positive mind when your mind is full of fear.

Fear can imprison you

Fear can you make you a prisoner and can curtail your freedom to do anything. People gripped with fear are like prisoners who are locked up for life in prison without any chance of being released. I am sure you might have had about prisoners who are released from prison but they refuse to leave the prison because they feel more comfortable under prison environment. People who are imprisoned by fear are difficult to rescue because they feel safe in the situation they are in. A  person imprisoned by fear  cannot therefore plan for success as he  or she does not have the freedom to do so.

Fear makes doubt your capacity to succeed

Fear makes you lose confidence in your capacity to succeed in life.  You stop valuing education, counting your blessings, working hard with determination, building relationships and going for opportunities among other things because you doubt you capacity to succeed.  You start believing that you were not born for success and it is therefore  useless to work hard for success.

 Fear makes you fear success

I have tried in life to help some people to improve their life but in vain. At one time, I offered to help my neighbour in clearing his land for planting maize and bananas. He resisted and declined the offer. I got a message from other people that he did not want to grow a lot of crops because he did not need them. He had nowhere to store the crop. He was terrified by about three acres of maize and bananas. In his mind only rich people can afford three acres of crops and he could not since he was not rich. He had the fear of success since he was not rich.

You attract more fear to yourself

Once you entertain one fear in your mind you will attract other types of fears until all sorts  fears find a permanent home in your  mind. A mind colonized by fear cannot entertain any ideas  of success as fear blocks success.

Creates fear of failure

The victim of fear is also scared of exploiting any  opportunities  leading to success because of fear of failure. The risk of failure is almost 100% in the mind of the victim. The victim cannot imagine doing anything which can result in failure in life. The victims of fear forget that the most successful people in the world are those who have failed most. They have learnt through their failures to do the right things most of the time.

Fear can make you sick

Some fears can make someone continuously sick if he or she entertains the fear of sickness. You will attract various diseases to yourself if you fear falling sick.   For example if you fear  flu you are mostly to get flu just because of  coming close to someone   suffering from flu.

In conclusion we cannot succeed in our life if we allow fear to colonize our mind. Fear attracts all types of fear and negativity about life.  You cannot succeed in life if you have given fear a home in your mind.


John Muhaise Bikalemesa

Director: Big Drum Advisory Services Limited