I know a number of people who have been locked up in prison for life by fear. They are scared of coming  out of the prison even if you open the gates for them. They need our help to overcome fear in order to continue with their life journey. You will find the following quotes inspiring;

Fear is an obstacle

It is a roadblock or an obstacle which you can remove by yourself in order to proceed with  thejourney. The choice is yours to make.


Face your fear in order to overcome it

Do not waste time in fighting your fear as you will be fighting yourself. It is you who has created the fear and you can only overcome it through facing it.


The future is what you make

You can make the future heaven or hell depending on what you put in your mind. The future does not depend on the past and the past only teaches us life lessons to improve our capacity to deal with challenges of the future.


Do not run away from your fear

You have created the fear in your mind and therefore you cannot run away from it. Even if you run away your mind will remain with you.


Expose yourself to fear in order to overcome it

If you fear the dark just move out and walk in the dark. If you fear to be alone just be alone. Fear just disappears when you expose yourself to it.



John Muhaise Bikalemesa

Director: Big Drum Advisory Services Limited


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