Failure in life is like

Failing to learn from your own mistakes is a sign of failure in life.  The mistakes prepare you for success if you learn from them.  Making a mistake is not a sign of failure if you appreciate that every mistakes you do teaches you ways that do not work. Mistakes should encourage you to look for ways that will make you move forward.

Fear to adventure in life

You have failed in life if you fear to adventure. You have failed if you are not prepared to go places where people have not gone. You have failed if are not prepared to experiment ways without knowing exactly what the outcome will be.


Trying to win a race with your hands tied behind your back

Failing is trying to win a race with hands tied behind your back.   You cannot be successful in life if you continuously create situations which will make you fail to achieve your mission.  Do not create roadblocks. Do not create obstacles as nature has already created enough obstacles for you.


Creating your own fear stories and believing in them

When you create your own fear stories and believe in them for sure you have failed in life.   Creating your own fears and believing in them is like constructing your own prison and locking yourself up in the prison.  No one can easily get you out of your own prison!


Failing to believe that you can

Success in life is a state of your mindset. If you believe in success, success becomes a reality. If you believe in failure, then failure becomes a reality. You cannot therefore succeed in life unless you believe you can.


Failing to paint and live in your world

The world you live is what you have created for yourself. You can create heaven or hell for success as you are a master of your own destiny.  To succeed in life you have to paint your own world and live in it.  Whatever you put in mind becomes a reality.



John Muhaise Bikalemesa

Director: Big Drum Advisory Services Limited