Facing challenge is like

You cannot succeed in life unless you are prepared to face and overcome challenges in your journey of life. The challenges create many opportunities for you learn from and exploit in order to succeed in life. Success people are always prepared to walk further into challenging situations along their journey of life.

Preparing yourself to move forward

Difficulties always prepare us for our journey of life. You have to struggle to acquire knowledge in order to apply for your success. It becomes easier for you to move forward because of the previous challenges you were exposed to.


Looking light in the tunnel

Quite often you will be knocked down by the challenges and you will feel like abandoning your journey life. Always look around 360 degrees to locate the light in the tunnel. Nature never closes all the doors around you. Look for the door left open by nature for you to move to your next phase of your life.


Is like overcoming challenges in order to see success.

You can only see success after you have overcome your challenges. You are like an actor on the stage who is only seen when the curtain is open and the stage light is switched on.  You can only shine when you switch on your stage light.




John Muhaise Bikalemesa

Director : Big Drum Advisory Services Limited