Excessive pressure to perform can lead to fraud

Excessive pressure to perform can lead to fraud

You are sometimes put on excessive pressure by management or any other authority in case you are not an employee to deliver a given assignment or achieve predetermined level of performance within a specified period. This is often accompanied with threats of serious consequences.  Serious consequences could mean dismissal in the case of employees. There are times when employees go empty handed in terms of bonus because they have not achieved their performance goals. You have to be careful when you push employees against the wall on performance as the escape route could be fraudulent.


You have to act if you find your organisation in this situation to avoid the cancer of fraud entering your organisation. The action to be taken could include the following;

Values of the organisation

Take the necessary steps to ensure staff live the values of the organisation on a daily basis. Reward those who are exceptional in living the values. Everyone in the organisation should be seen to do the right thing even if no one is looking at them


Set reasonable and achievable targets

You may want to have target as high as possible but is it achievable. It is quite frustrating if you have a target which you will never achieve with the available resources. It is better to lift the bar to a high level after a given target has been achieved than setting at a level which is frustrating to achieve. Set achievable goals in order to motivate staff to higher performance levels.


You must act within the law

You must have one guiding principle to always act with the law to avoid embarrassing situations. For a target to lower taxes paid must be subject to acting within the law. A blanket provision to reduce the tax by 50% is extremely dangerous.


Be careful when remuneration is based on the performance of the organisation

Bonus which is often based on performance of the organisation may lead to the employees doctoring the results of the organisation in order to get better bonus. If bonus is based on the results make sure there are checks and balances. It is advisable to use audited figures for purposes of paying bonus as opposed to management unaudited figures.



John Muhaise Bikalemesa

Director: Big Drum Advisory Services Limited