Exceed your limits in order to succeed in life


In success the sky is the limit and therefore you can aim as high as you want.  There is nothing final success as doors of opportunities are continuously being opened for you. You can only make a world record by exceeding your limit. Do not forget that limits are what we put in our mind according to the current standards

Don’t accept Defeat in life

Do not accept any limits in your life. Once you put limits in mind they become a reality.


Challenges are limits but create opportunities

The reasons given for not succeeding in life like lack capital, knowledge, qualifications, skills, and competence among others are not limits.  They create opportunities for doing better.   Whenever you face challenges ask yourself, how can you do better?


Life has no limit

Life has no limit except those we impose on ourselves to comply with current practice.


Develop a positive mindset

Put a slogan ‘In life there are no limits’ in your mindset.


Know and believe that God gave you all the wisdom to use all the resources on earth well, you were made a co-controller of these resources to leave the word better than we found it, you can do whatever you want without limitation



Do not accept the word impossible in your mind.  A challenge becomes impossible as soon as you accept it in your mind.




Kasemiire Agnes Akiiki