Everything is possible through prayer


Almighty powerful and ever living God

We adore you and praise your holy name

For you are worthy to be praised and worshipped

Lord we believe in your mighty power

We are humbled by your mighty works Lord

For you created heaven and earth

You created day and night

It is only you alone who has power and control  over day and night

For its only you alone Lord who doesn’t sleep or rest

When we are asleep you remain a wake, taking full control of our lives

We thank you Lord, for loving us so much

To the extent that you even created  us in your own image in terms of spirit.

We thank you Lord, for all the abundant blessings you have given us

We thank you for the wisdom you have given us to overcome challenges

We thank you for allowing us to carry on with your work of creation

We thank you for allowing us control over  the resources

We pray that you guide us wisely use the resources entrusted to us for the glory of your name

Lord continue to bless the work of our hands

Protect us and help us to achieve our mission and purpose in life, to be able to leave the world better than we found it.

In your name we pray. Amen